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September, 2021, Vol. 23, No. 3



The effect of botox for the correction of the gummy smile: A systematic review
Augustė Razmaitė, Giedrė Trakinienė


Immediate implant supported prosthodontic treatment of the edentulous jaw with additional implant stabilization
Roman А. Rozov


Could saliva play a role in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic?
Anna Papadopoulou, Despina Tounta, Christina Tesseromatis


Knowledge, attitude and practice of dental house surgeons and undergraduate students towards radiation safety and protection: A questionnaire based survey
Kirthana Muthu A/P Shanmugam, Ananya Madival, Supriya Bhat, Siti Dzulaikha Amalina Binti Jelani


Is there an association with Wilson’s disease and multiple tongue dysplasia lesions and in situ carcinoma? A case-report based literature review
Dimitris Tatsis, Aggeliki Baliaka, Konstantinos Antoniades

Canalicular adenoma of minor salivary gland. Report of a case and a brief review of the literature
Karakostas Panagiotis, Matiakis Apostolos, Anagnostou Eleftherios, Poulopoulos Athanasios

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Could saliva play a role in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic?

Anna Papadopoulou1, Despina Tounta1, Christina Tesseromatis2


The pneumonia outbreak observed in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 evolved into a general multi-system infection. This is attributed to a virus, from coronaviruses, the SARS-CoV-2 or 2019-nCoV the increased transmissibility of which lead to a spread across the world and the subsequent declaration of a pandemic. Saliva and in particular saliva droplets of different density play a significant role in the Covid-19 infection spread and contamination of the general population, leading to the development of severe acute respiratory syndrome in affected patients.

Key words: dalivary glands, saliva droplets, COVID-19 transmission, ACE2 receptor.

Received: 20 10 2020

Accepted for publishing: 24 09 2021

1Medical School, Kapodistrian National University of Athens, Athens, Greece

2Department of Pharmacology, Medical School, Kapodistrian National University of Athens, Athens, Greece

Address correspondence to Christine Tesseromatis, Department of Pharmacology, Kapodistrian National University of Athens, Mikras Asias 75, Athens 11527, Greece.

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