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March, 2011, Vol. 13, No. 1


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The influence of bone mineral density and body mass index on resorption of edentulous jaws

Baiba Ozola, Anda Slaidina, Lija Laurina, Una Soboleva, Aivars Lejnieks


Objective. The aim of this study is to determine the relation of osteoporosis and body mass index to edentulous jaw bone resorption.

Material and methods. Study included 48 postmenopausal totally edentulous female patients, aged 50 to 84 years (average age 69.73), with period of at least 2 years after last tooth extraction. Bone mineral density was determined in the femoral neck and the lumbar area L2-L4 by dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) using Lunar DEXA DPX-NT, GE Medical Systems hardware. Body mass index was calculated (BMI (kg/m2)) using data from DEXA results. Lateral cephalogram (Pantomograph Trophycan C), and radiological measurement in the symphysis of the mandible was performed for each patient. Degree of the edentulous residual ridge resorption was determined clinically on diagnostic casts of anatomic impressions by classification of Kalk.

Results. There is no statistically significant difference between groups, comparing mandibular bone height changes (p=0.054) and various degrees of residual ridge resorption in maxilla (p=0.743) and mandible (p=0.752) with different bone mineral contents.

There is a statistically significant correlation between radiological mandibular measurement and body mass index (p=0.004). Statistically significant difference is also observed between various degrees of residual ridge resorption in maxilla (p=0.049) and mandible (p=0.027) and body mass index.

Conclusions. Resorption of edentulous jaw bone does not increase when bone mineral density decreases.

More severe manifestation of edentulous jaw bone resorption is observed in patients with diminished body mass index.

Key words: residual ridge resorption, edentulous jaws, osteoporosis, body mass index.

Received: 00 00 2010

Accepted for publishing: 30 03 2011

1Department of Prosthodontics, Riga Stradins University, Riga, Latvia

2Department of Internal Diseases, Riga Stradins University, Riga, Latvia

3Riga Eastern Clinical University hospital, Riga, Latvia

Baiba Ozola1 – resident in dental prosthodontics, PhD student

Anda Slaidina1 – D.D.S., PhD

Lija Laurina1 – PhD, docent

Aivars Lejnieks1 – PhD, Dr. Med., prof.

Una Soboleva1, 2 – D.D.S., MSc (Oslo), assoc. prof.

Address correspondence to Dr. Baiba Ozola, Department of Prosthodontics, Institute of Stomatology, Riga Stradins University, Dzirciema 20, LV-1007, Riga, Latvia.

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