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September, 2016, Vol. 18, No. 3



Stress experience and effect on self-perceived oral health status among high school students
Kristina Arman, Adelė Petruninaitė, Rūta Grigalauskienė, Eglė Slabšinskienė

The golden proportion in facial soft-tissues of Vietnamese females
Minh Son Nguyen, Mare Saag, Van Nho Le, Thuy Trang Nguyen, Bui Bao Tien Nguyen,
Triin Jagomägi


Evaluation of bone mineral density in postmenopausal women with alterations of the mandible cortical bone
Estera Miliuniene, Vidmantas Alekna, Vytaute Peciuliene, Marija Tamulaitiene


The appearance of root canal surfaces in teeth previously treated using resorcinol-formaldehyde resin: a preliminary SEM investigation
Egle Nedzinskiene, Saulius Drukteinis, Vytaute Peciuliene, Rasmute Maneliene


Immunohistochemical analysis of nestin, CD34 and TGFβ3 in facial tissue of children with complete unilateral and bilateral cleft lip and palate
Liene Smane-Filipova, Mara Pilmane, Ilze Akota

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The golden proportion in facial soft-tissues of Vietnamese females

Minh Son Nguyen1, 2, Mare Saag1, Van Nho Le2, Thuy Trang Nguyen2, Bui Bao Tien Nguyen2, Triin Jagomägi1


Objective of the current study was to evaluate proportions of frontal facial soft-tissues of Vietnamese females correspond to the golden proportion (GP).

Material and Methods. Sixty frontal facial photographs of Vietnamese female students aged 19 years were selected. The selected participants had symmetrical face, a Class I relationship occlusion, complete lip closure, and no history of trauma and orthodontic treatment. The photographic record was set-up with a white backdrop, fill light, a reflector, a camera Canon 650D and subjects were asked to sit in a standard position. Trichion (TR), Temporal soft tissue (TS), Lateral canthus (LC), Lateral nasal (LN), Chilion (CH), and Menton (ME) point were used for photometric measurements on CorelDRAW Graphic X3 software.

Results. The vertical facial proportions (mean, percentage compared with GP) were significantly higher than the GP including: LC-CH:CH-ME (1.661, 102%), LN-ME:LC-LN (1.729, 106%), TR-ME:LC-ME (1.739, 107%), TR-LN:LN-ME (1.759, 108%). Whereas TR-ME:LN-ME; CH-ME:LN-CH; LC-LN:LN-CH had ratios of 84% – 92% and were significantly smaller in comparison with GP. The horizontal facial proportions of CHR-L:LNR-L, LCR-L:CHR-L and TSR-L:LCR-L deviated from the GP with mean values of 1.221, 1.922 and 1.229, respectively. The new mean values of TR-ME:LC-ME (1.733), TR-LN:LN-ME (1.732), LC-ME:TR-LC (1.374), CH-ME:LN-CH (1.524), which were predictable changes in proportions, can be significantly converged to the GP if LC-CH:CH-ME is equal to the GP.

Conclusions. Soft-tissue facial proportions of Vietnamese females did not correspond to the GP. Changing the lower third face may create harmony vertical facial proportions.

Key words: aesthetic, golden proportion, facial, photograph.

Received: 19 08 2015

Accepted for publishing: 26 09 2016

1Institute of Dentistry, University of Tartu, Estonia

2Danang University of Technical Medicine and Pharmacy

Address correspondence to Minh Son Nguyen, Raekojapl 6, Tartu, Estonia.

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