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December, 2015, Vol. 17, No. 4



Biological approach of dental caries management
Rūta Grigalauskienė, Eglė Slabšinskienė, Ingrida Vasiliauskienė


Temporomandibular joint arthrocentesis for the treatment of osteoarthritis
Edvitar Leibur, Oksana Jagur, Ülle Voog-Oras

Connection of functional quality of partial removable dentures and the degree of patients’ phonetic adaptation
Victoria Artjomenko, Aldis Vidzis, Guntis Zigurs

Upper airway obstuction in class II patients. Effects of Andresen activator on the anatomy of pharingeal airway passage. Cone beam evalution
Cinzia Maspero, Lucia Giannini, Guido Galbiati, Laima Kairyte, Giampietro Farronato


A rare variant of calcifying odontogenic cyst with ameloblastoma presentation
Supriya Bhat, Shishir Ram Shetty, Subhas G. Babu, Pushparaja Shetty, Fazil Ka

An unusual complication of genioglossus advancement surgery
Metin Sencimen, Aydin Gulses, Gurkan Rasit Bayar, Timur Akcam

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An unusual complication of genioglossus advancement surgery

Metin Sencimen, Aydin Gulses, Gurkan Rasit Bayar, Timur Akcam


Objective. Genioglossus advancement is a surgical procedure where the base of the tongue is pulled forward, usually to increase airway size due to deformity or a sleep breathing disorder. In this procedure, a small bony window is made in the lower jaw. The piece of bone along with the attachment for the tongue is pulled forward and down, then fastened to the outside of the lower jaw. Here we report a 43 year old male patient which has admitted to our department with the complaints of the mild pain and swelling on the chin area.

Material and Methods. The patient underwent a genioglossus advancement surgery 3 months ago. An ortopantomograph revealed a root fracture of the lower left canine. Under mandibular nerve block, the lower left canine was extracted and the root piece was removed via an endodontic K-file.
Results. The healing period was uneventfull and no signs or symptoms of a pathology was detected.

Conclusion. Dental complications related to genioglossus advancement are rarely reported. However, the surgeons should be aware of damage the roots of the adjacent teeth, especially the lower canines.

Key words: dental trauma; genioglossus advancement; obstructive sleep apnea.

Received: 13 03 2014

Accepted for publishing: 28 12 2015

1Gülhane Military Medical Academy Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Etlik Ankara, Turkey

2Ankara Mevki Military Hospital, Centre for Oral & Dental Health, Ankara, Turkey

3Gülhane Military Medical Academy Department of Anatomy, Etlik Ankara, Turkey

Metin Sencımen1 – D.D.S., PhD

Aydin Gulses2 – D.D.S., PhD

Gurkan Rasit Bayar1 – D.D.S., PhD

Timur Akcam3 – M.D., PhD

Address correspondence to Aydin Gulses, Ankara Mevki Military Hospital, 06130 Diskapi Ankara, Turkey. E-mail address: