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December, 2005, Vol. 7, No. 4



Dental restorations quality in Lithuanian adolescents
103 - 109

Treatment of parotid gland tumors in Latvian Oncological Center
110 - 114

Evaluation of stable retentive properties of overdenture attachments
115 - 120

The influence of microvascular complications caused by diabetes mellitus on the inflammatory pathology of periodontal tissues
121 - 124

Influence of premolar extractions on tooth size discrepancy. Part one: Analysis of Bolton index
125 - 127

Implants for orthodontic anchorage. Meta-analysis
128 - 132

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Implants for orthodontic anchorage. Meta-analysis

Birute Labanauskaite, Gvidas Jankauskas, Arunas Vasiliauskas, Nazem Haffar


The purpose of this article was to review and update current data of the use of implants for orthodontic anchorage. A meta-analysis of selected literature was carried out and a total of 415 articles were identified in this process. Having reviewed the articles or their abstracts/summaries the data were evaluated and the articles were categorized according to the journal and the year of publication, the type of the article and the type of the implant. The interest in the possibilities of the implant usage for orthodontic anchorage is noticeably increasing and today it has reached the peak. In order to facilitate the understanding of the wide range of implants, we suggested the classification of the implants for orthodontic anchorage according to the shape and size, the implant bone contact and the application of the implant. We systemized the information about types of implants and their advantages in respect of traditional orthodontic treatment.

Key words: meta-analysis, orthodontic implant, absolute anchorage.

Received: 19 10 2005

Accepted for publishing: 30 11 2005

*Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Odontology, Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania

Birute Labanauskaite* - postgraduate student

Gvidas Jankauskas* - postgraduate student

Arunas Vasiliauskas* - D.D.S., PhD., lecturer

Nazem Haffar* - D.D.S., postgraduate student

Address correspondence to dr. Arunas Vasiliauskas, Department of Orthodontics, Kaunas University of Medicine, Luksos-Daumanto 6, Kaunas, Lithuania.