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June, 2005, Vol. 7, No. 2



Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the mandibular angle fracture treatment methods
35 - 39

Chemomechanical caries removal for children
40 - 44

The microbiological status of patients with periodontitis in Southern Estonia after non-surgical periodontal therapy
45 - 47

The response of peripheral blood neutrophils unstimulated and stimulated by prodigiosan to smoking
48 - 51

Effectiveness evaluation of different suction systems
52 - 57

Dietary and oral hygiene habits in children with type I Diabetes Mellitus related to dental caries
58 - 62

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Effectiveness Evaluation of Different Suction Systems

Jonas Junevičius, Algimantas Šurna, Rimas Šurna


Microorganisms of the patient's oral cavity and his/her blood and saliva may cause different air-borne and blood-borne infectious diseases among odontologists and their assistants who work with patients.

Quantitative analysis and spatial distribution analysis of the environmental spread of oral liquid and cooling liquid mixture were performed during this study. Effectiveness of suction systems of four types was evaluated: without suction, using a small-size suction pump alone, using a small-size and large-size suction pumps, using a small-size suction pump together with an experimental extra-oral aspirator. Quantitative changes of the water aerosol, which enters the environment during the preparation of teeth, were determined in respect of the used suction systems. The small-size pump system together with an experimental extra-oral suction system eliminated best the aerosol formed during the preparation.

Key words: infection transmission, aerosol, suction systems.

Received: 20 04 2005

Accepted for publishing: 22 06 2005

1Department of Dental and Maxillar Orthopedics, Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania
2Department of Applied Electronics, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Jonas Junevičius1 - D.D.S., PhD student.

Algimantas Šurna1 - D.D.S., PhD, assoc. prof.

Rimas Šurna2 - PhD, professor.

Address correspondence to Dr. Jonas Junevičius, Department of Dental and Maxillar Orthopedics, Kaunas University of Medicine, Sukilėlių 51, Kaunas, Lithuania.